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Car Clinic
Total Car Care Benissa  , Thursday, August 14, 2003

Music Meltdown
Mr H had a problem with his stereo, in particular his cassette player did not work. A few minutes of searching found the cause; the tape had melted and was now shaped like a banana! Fortunately the player itself was OK, we just had to take it apart to retrieve the old tape (his favourite, of course). The temperature in the car had reached well over 150 degrees F and the black dashboard did little to help. Mr H has now invested in a reflective windscreen shields.
It really is something to take quite seriously. Particularly if you have children or pets in the car, and older people can easily faint when exposed to such temperatures. So if you are putting the shopping away when the car has been in the sunlight, you might want to pop on the air-con for a few minutes before climbing in, or, if you are not so lucky as to have air-con, then at least open the windows and put the fan on.
Is it worth it?
This is a question we are frequently asked when a customer´s car has a serious problem with it. It is always hard for us to make decisions for our customers in this regard. More often than not we would give the customer as much info as possible, in order that they can choose themselves. In some cases we do make it absolutely clear that the car is not worth the repair. Mrs X had just bought a second-hand car and loved it , except that the air-con did not work.
After some investigation we found the fault, which in itself was not so major, but the system was pretty old, and fixing one part would probably have caused another part to fail, in turn, fixing that would probably have caused the next weakest part to fail. Mrs X was initially a bit confused when we declined to make the initial repair. When we explained our reasons she appreciated the sense in our view and thanked us for being so honest with her.
All reputable garages should advise you about the general condition of your car before commencing on a large and expensive repair. After all, whilst you may wish your car will run for ever after you spend a lot of money on it, it may have other problems.
Our advice is, if your garage is concerned about carrying out an expensive repair, then they almost certainly are putting you first. On the other hand, the garage who wants to convince you to spend a fortune on a car, that might have had its day, then be very careful, they will almost certainly wash their hands of you, and will make it clear that it is not their fault your engine blew up a month after they put a new gearbox in your car.
Anyone with a problem welcome to e-mail us with full details of the car, symptoms and history of the problem and we shall offer advice directly back to you by e-mail. We shall print some of the more interesting faults and remedies.


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