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Autopsy confirms second Barajas blast victim also died of asphyxia
thinkSPAIN , Sunday, January 7, 2007

It has been confirmed that the second man killed in last weekend's car bomb attack on Barajas airport -19 year old Diego Armando Estacio- also died of asphyxia.

The bodies of both men have now been flown back home to Ecuador from Torrejón military airfield on planes arranged by the Spanish government.

Mr Estacio's body, like that of his compatriot, Carlos Alonso Palate, was found still inside his vehicle, buried under an enormous pile of rubble.

Meanwhile, at the bomb site, work to clear away what remains of Module D of the new Terminal 4 building has gathered pace now that the last body has been located.

The photo shows the wreck of the car in which Mr Estacio was sleeping while awaiting the arrival of a passenger from his home country.

Rescuers find first airport bomb blast victim
By: thinkSPAIN
Thursday, January 4, 2007

The dead body of 34 year old Carlos Alonso Palate was found inside his car at 6.45pm yesterday evening by a rescue team at Barajas airport.

The car was found underneath a massive quantity of rubble caused by the car bomb attack on the car park of the new Terminal 4 building carried out by ETA early last Saturday morning.

The search continues for the body of a second missing man, 19 year old Diego Armando Estacio, who is also from Ecuador.

Before Carlos's body had been found, his uncle, Luis Antonio, told a journalist from the 20minutos website that he was a "very happy and dynamic person, who always sent money to Ecuador." It transpires that Carlos, who was the main breadwinner for his family back home, worked in a plastics factory in Valencia.

It was decided during a meeting yesterday attended by family representatives and the ministers of Employment and Justice, Jesús Caldera and Juan Fernando López Aguilar respectively, that the descendants of both men would be granted Spanish nationality.

Following a visit to the bomb site yesterday by opposition leader, Mariano Rajoy, president Zapatero will visit the scene later today.  

Terror victims demand Zapatero resignation during Barajas bomb protest
By: thinkSPAIN
Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Hundreds of members of the Association of Terror Victims (AVT) staged a protest outside the headquarters of the PSOE socialist party headquarters last Sunday night in response to the car bomb attack at Barajas airport last Saturday that now almost certainly seems to have claimed the lives of two Ecuadorian men, who are still missing among the rubble.

As the protesters, who were carrying Spanish flags and marching behind a banner with the AVT slogan 'Surrender? Not in my name,' made their way to the calle Ferraz, where a large contingent of police in riot gear formed a cordon around the PSOE central office building, they shouted slogans demanding president Zapatero's resignation.

Earlier, in the Puerta del Sol, AVT president, Francisco José Alcaraz, read out a statement demanding that the government goes further than merely "suspending" the peace process, and demanded that it "demands that the Basque country Communist Party, that is the heir to the Batasuna-ETA legacy, condemns yesterday's brutal attack, and should they not do so, that they be expelled from all of the region's institutions."

Mr Alcaraz went further by calling for the government to arrest and charge all the terrorists with whom there has been contact, including "the murderer, José Ternera." Addressing the terror organisation directly, he told them "Spanish society will not surrender. Memory, dignity and justice are not negotiable. Civil rebellion will remain unstoppable until the terrorists and all their plans have been destroyed."

The meeting ended with several minutes silence followed by three cries of "¡Viva España!"

There were one minute silent vigils outside the Town Halls of most of Spain's major towns and cities at midnight last night in protest at the attack, and the almost certainty that it has claimed the lives of the two missing men.  

Search continues for missing bomb blast victims
By: thinkSPAIN
Sunday, December 31, 2006

Firemen are still searching for two Ecuadorian men still missing after the massive car bomb blast in Module D of the car park building of Barajas airport's new Terminal 4 building at 9am yesterday morning. The two men have been identified as Diego Astasio and Carlos Alonso Palate, both of whom were at the airport to meet in-bound passengers.

It has emerged that 11 other people were slightly injured and required hospital treatment. Three of these -two policemen and a taxi driver- have still not yet been discharged from the Ramon y Cajal Hospital where they were taken after the blast. 21others were treated at a field hospital set up at the scene for hearing problems and shock.

According to reports on Radio Nacional, the Renault Traffic van used in the attack, that was stolen in the Basque country three or four days ago, contained between 500-800kg of explosives, which is more than previously used by ETA in attacks of this kind over the last fifteen years.

President Zapatero responded to the incident yesterday evening, which was described earlier in the day as "tragic" by Interior minister, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, by announcing the suspension of the peace negotiations, although the regional Basque government and Batasuna have stated that they would like the peace process to continue.

Four injured in Barajas car bomb blast
By: thinkSPAIN
Saturday, December 30, 2006

A car bomb placed inside a Renault Traffic van exploded at 9am this morning in the car park of Terminal 4 of Madrid's Barajas airport, slightly injuring four people. Prior to the blast, two warning calls were received, the second of which was to claim responsibility for the attack in the name of the Basque separatist group, ETA, which gave police sufficient time to evacuate the area and transfer people to the main terminal building.

Two police officers were injured by flying glass and only two other people were very slightly hurt, although a number of passengers have been complaining of ear-ache caused by the noise of the explosion.

One eye-witness, David, told of his experience: "We felt a tremendous explosion while we were in the lift. I think we were the closest to the blast," he said.

Fire-fighters are currently battling to extinguish a serious fire in the car park, all the roads to the new terminal building have been closed to traffic, and thousands of passengers have been moved out onto the runway area with their luggage until the situation has normalised.

According to reports on Onda Cero radio, flights into the terminal are being diverted to Terminal 2, and those flights from T4 that have already boarded, will be allowed to depart, although all other flights from this terminal have been cancelled. The rest of the airport's terminals are working normally.

There has been little political reaction so far to what appears to be the definitive end to ETA's already somewhat tenuous ceasefire, although a statement from Interior minister, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, is expected later this morning.  

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