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14 year olds face charges for "sexting"
ThinkSpain , Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two minors, 14 year olds from Pamplona, have been questioned by police and charged with the crime of  "discovery and revelation of secrets" for circulating photos of another minor in the nude via mobile 'phone messages and e-mail.

Another two minors have been implicated in the case, but have not been charged since they are under 14 and as such "immune from prosecution", as confirmed in a statement from the government of Navarra.

Officers from the Policia Foral (autonomous police force in Navarra) has warned the practice of "sexting", a term used to refer to sending erotic photos or videos via mobile 'phones to PCs is on the increase.  It is allegedly a very common phenomenon amongst American teenagers.

The police investigation began at a school in Pamplona, after a photo of one of the students, naked and with her face easily recognisable, was being circulated amongst fellow students.

According to the police, the girl (aged 13) had taken the photo of herself and sent it via MMS to her ex-boyfriend, who then sent it on via MMS to all his friends in the area, many of whom attend different schools, and it was then circulated by e-mail and MMS to an even wider audience.

The photo ended up in the hands of the girl's own class mates, which is when she realised to what extent her photo had been circulated.

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