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Electricity prices rise by 60% in five years
ThinkSpain , Monday, April 2, 2012

Consumer Association Facua confirmed today that the latest electricity price hike means that the average user will pay 30.58 per month more than in 2007, representing an increase of 60% in the last five years.

Currently, a consumer with 4.4 kW of contracted power and a monthly consumption of 366 kWh (the average in Spain, according to Facua's analysis of over 50,000 bills) has been paying 73.99 euros per month (59.65 plus indirect taxes) for electricity.

In April 2007, the average electricity bill was 48.59 euros per month (including tax).

The 7% rise just announced by the Government and implemented as of yesterday, means that the average user will now be paying 79.17 euros per month, representing a cumulative increase in five years 62.9%.
Across the year, the average consumer will now be paying 366.95 euros more per annum than in 2011, according to Facua.
The consumer association attacked Mariano Rajoy's decision, describing the price hike as "an unjustified attack on the family budget".

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