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Roads and railways blockaded as miners step up strike action
ThinkSpain , Monday, June 11, 2012

As the miners' strike entered its second week, roads and railways were blockaded in a number of towns and cities across Asturias today, but with even more intense protests being held in León.

In Asturias, the AS-1 (Bendición), the A-64 (Lieres) and the A-66 (Campomanes) were all closed by blockades during the course of the morning, whilst León saw a number of disruptions as a result of the miners' protests.

In the province of León, vehicles are still being diverted because of the blockade at Campomanes on the motorway between Barrios de Luna and Carrocera, and the N-630 is closed in Ciñera.  The railway line was also blockaded at Ciaño this morning, after miners laid chains across the tracks, but protestors lifted the blockade by lunch time.

In the mines themselves, seven protesting miners are still staging a lock-in at Candín and Aller. Four of the five who initiated the protest in Candín are still holding out, whilst three of the original five remain entrenched underground in Aller.

IU MP Gaspar Llamazares complained today that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was the one responsible for setting the mining areas alight and that he was having to go round putting out the fires.

"This vicious attack by the government on the mining industry has gone on long enough", he told a press conference in Oviedo today, blaming the prime minister for the miners' strike.

Miners have called an indefinite strike in protest at the government's budget cuts.

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