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Ryanair flight makes emergency landing in Madrid due to technical problems
thinkSPAIN , Monday, September 17, 2012

A RYANAIR flight had to make an emergency landing in Madrid today (Sunday) due to technical problems whilst en route from Paris to the island of Tenerife.

Sources from airline governing body AENA said the craft landed in Barajas airport at 14.43hrs, without incident, after making a diversion.

The exact nature of the technical problems cited is not yet known.

This comes just a day after a Ryanair craft was forced to make an emergency landing in Barcelona's El Prat airport on its way from Reus (Tarragona) from Bristol (UK) after one of the engines failed.

The 171 passengers were said to be unharmed.

As yet, Ryanair's website has not published a press release about the Barajas incident, although a news flash on apologised for the inconvenience to passengers on the Bristol-Reus flight for Saturday's situation.

Two days earlier, on Thursday, September 13, turbulence on flight FR6218 from Dusseldorf to Palma de Mallorca forced an emergency landing, leading two two members of the cabin crew and one passenger requiring medical assistance at the airport.

And six days previously, on Friday, September 7, a loss of pressure in the cabin caused oxygen masks to drop down on flight FR2011 from Madrid to Gran Canaria shortly after take-off, and pilots turned round and went back to base.

Passengers described a burning smell in the cabin and said they were terrified, but received no information from the crew.

One girl was said to be calling her family on her mobile telephone to say goodbye.

The craft landed normally at 08.09hrs in Barajas airport and all those on board got off safely.

Many of the 160 passengers chose not to get on the replacement craft which was flown in to take them to their destination, out of fear.

Those who did finally took off at 10.56hrs.

According to, engineers from the company intended to inspect and repair the craft.

On July 26, three planes had to make emergency landings in Valencia after being diverted from Madrid due to storms, since they were running very low on fuel.

Ryanair's policy is to oblige its pilots to put no more fuel in their tanks than absolutely necessary for each individual journey, including taxi-ing, landing, and take-off.

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