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Royal family not involved in Nóos scandal, says judge
thinkSPAIN , Thursday, February 28, 2013

THE judge in charge of the 'Nóos Case' involving the King and Queen's son-in-law Iñaki Urdangarín says he does not consider the Royal family were in any way implicated in the corruption and money-laundering scam.

Despite emails presented to the court by Urdangarín's co-director Diego Torres, in which the latter tried to frame the Royal family, judge José Castro does not consider there is any evidence, after two years of investigations, that linked any of the Monarchy to the activities of the Nóos Institute.

Neither does he consider Valencia's mayoress Rita Barberá or former president of the Comunidad Valenciana, Francisco Camps, were involved.

This effectively ends all speculation that the King or either of his daughters – the Infanta Cristina, Duchess of Palma, who is married to Urdangarín or her sister, the Infanta Elena – or any of their close friends or acquaintances, including Corinna Sayn-Wittgenstein, member of the German aristocracy, were part of the scandal.

Urdangarín has always maintained that none of the Royals passed an opinion, knew about or funded his dealings with the Nóos Institute.

The Nóos Institute was deliberately set up as a non-profit-making organisation, since this way it would benefit from public funding.

Multi-million sums in grants were given by the regional governments of the Balearic Islands and Valencia to support what purported to be charitable activities aimed at promoting sports and culture.

The Institute was also responsible for organising the so-called Valencia Summit in 2004, 2005 and 2006, which the city council and the regional government helped to fund.

But in reality, it appears – according to the case notes – that the organisation was very much a business and its two directors were pocketing the funds.

Their assets to the tune of nearly 8.2 million euros have been embargoed.

Evidence suggests Urdangarín and Torres may have deliberately plotted to use the former's status as Duke of Palma to generate good PR for the Institute.

Judge José Castro says it is likely the case will end in a trial with all those implicated, plus witnesses, having to testify.

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