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Dead woman's dog ate her body 'because he was starving'
thinkSPAIN , Sunday, April 21, 2013

THE body of a woman found half-eaten by her dog was found this week in her Valencia flat.

According to National Police, the macabre discovery was made by neighbours of Amparo C.R., 72, after foul smells came from her apartment in the city.

They said they did not pay much attention at first because they knew the woman hoarded rubbish inside her home, and assumed this was what was causing the stench.

Amparo's nieces and nephews had tried to help her on numerous occasions and attempted to convince her to live with them, but she refused and her brother-in-law, visibly affected by her death, said she 'was becoming more and more aggressive'.

Initial theories point to the fact that the deceased had Alzheimer's, which was why she had become a hoarder, and that she died of natural causes, probably as a result of her condition.

The dog, a German Shepherd cross, did not show any signs of aggressive behaviour towards police or firefighters who broke into the house, and it is believed he ate his owner because he was starving as she had been dead for some days and he had not been fed.

Her head was severed from her body and most of the rest of her had been eaten.

The dog greeted emergency services at the door and was said to have remains of his owner's blood in his fur.

He has been taken in by the city animal shelter.

Police and firefighters had to wear masks when they entered the building due to the smell.

They have ruled out any possible violent means leading to Amparo's death, although a post-mortem is due to be carried out.

She lived in an apartment at number 10 of the C/ Constitución in Valencia city.


Photograph: C/ Constitución in Valencia, number 82 – the woman's body was found at number 10

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