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Deluge leaves freak floods in Navarra
thinkSPAIN , Saturday, July 5, 2014

TORRENTIAL storms across the north and centre of Spain in the last two or three days have left unprecedented chaos in the land-locked Pyrénéen region of Navarra with streets, homes and business premises evacuated due to floods.

Parked cars were up to their bonnets in water yesterday (Friday) as a result of the rivers Baztán and Bidasoa bursting their banks and, although the flood levels have gone down since, most of Navarra is being treated as a natural disaster zone with emergency services working round the clock.

At least one health centre, library, industrial estate and several homes were evacuated yesterday, and seven people had to be rescued when they became trapped in the flood water.

Two of these were especially complex, with police wearing diving gear to help a female employee out of a nursing home after the first floor flooded, and another woman from a public swimming pool in the town of Elizondo using boats.

The worst-hit area was Elizondo, although severe flooding has also affected the towns of Beartzun, Gartzain, Erratzu, Arizkun and Santesteban and mildly less disastrous inundations in Gorramendi, Oharriz, Cinco Villas, Malerreka and Oronoz-Mugairi.


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