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Compromís-Podemos back down over Catalonia referendum in order to negotiate with PSOE
ThinkSpain , Friday, January 8, 2016

The spokesperson for Compromís-Podemos, Joan Baldoví, said today that in contrast to Pablo Iglesias, he wasn't going to  "red-line" the demand to hold a referendum in Catalonia in order to negotiate a possible coalition government with the PSOE, although he also stressed that the problem is "deep-seated" one.

"There is no reason to fear democracy, or to fear a vote," he said. "It's what happens in the most advanced countries like Great Britain and Canada", he added.

Baldoví (pictured, left), was at the lower house (Cámara Baja) today with other members of his party, including the actress Rosana Pastor, the only independent on the list.

With regard to the negotiations with the PSOE, he recognised that they had been mainly led by Podemos up until now, but that from now on all the parties in that political group would be taking part in equal measures.

He also rejected the idea that he said "some are putting about" that Podemos cannot have four separate parliamentary groups (its own plus the three candidatures in which it participates) saying that if Compromís-Podemos and the other two left-wing coalitions had wanted to put themselves forward under the Iglesias umbrella, they would have done so.

He pointed out that, amongst other things, on the Ministry of the Interior's website showing the 20D results they are counted as separate results and it was thus that they were announced on election night by the vice-president of the government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría.

Furthermore, they fulfil the requirements to be a separate group because they obtained 25% of the votes in the areas where they were represented and won nine seats altogether (four for Podemos, four for Compromís and one independent).

He made it clear that for this reason he had no intention of supporting a presidente - alluding to the socialists - who "did not know how to be fair" about the results obtained, underlining the fact that both the PSOE and the PP, on previous occasions, have interpreted the rules to their benefit, allowing certain political parties to form groups. 

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