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Murder trial starts for mother and daughter accused of shooting MP for León
thinkSPAIN , Tuesday, January 19, 2016

THE fatal shooting of MP for the province of León, Isabel Carrasco has finally come to trial and the mother and daughter thought to be behind the murder could face up to 23 years each in jail.

Montserrat González, 56, thought to be the one who pulled the trigger, told police when she was arrested that she felt no remorse and would do so all over again, since her daughter Triana Martínez's life had 'been made hell' by Sra Carrasco when she worked at León provincial council.

Sra González and Triana, 35, have been out on bail for the past year since their arrest after paying a release of €10,000.

Triana's close friend, Local Police officer Raquel Gago, 42, is among the accused and could also go to jail for over 20 years.

Montserrat, wife of a National Police inspector and PP militant who had been posted to Asturias, shot Isabel Carrasco (PP) in broad daylight as she walked across a bridge in the city of León towards the party headquarters, from which she was due to set off for a political rally in the nearby province of Valladolid.

Triana was waiting for her mother in a Mercedes SLK 200, and they put the gun in a plastic bag which was handed to Raquel after Triana rang her on a pay-as-you-go mobile phone they shared, arranging to meet her in another part of the city.

Raquel hid the gun in her car, but it was found 30 hours later after Montserrat and Triana had already been arrested.

The officer had told her police colleagues that she had 'discovered' the weapon in her car, and she is considered to have been directly involved in the murder operation, and to have known exactly what the mother and daughter intended to do.

Isabel Carrasco, 59, had been head of the provincial council of León since 2007 and was well-known for her autocratic management style, sharp tongue bordering on rudeness, arrogance and almost humiliating put-downs of those who disagreed with her.

The first-ever woman in the position, Carrasco had absolute power and control – nothing ever happened and no funds were moved or policies agreed without passing through her first, and she always had the last word.

At one time, she boasted that she had 12 different job titles and departaments, and that she earned double the salary of the then president of Spain, socialist José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who is also from the centre-northern region of Castilla y León.

Among the situations where she created animosity was that of a portrait of her predecessor, Javier García Prieto.

It had always been tradition in León provincial council that as each MP in charge left their post, an artist was commissioned to paint them and the resulting portrait was hung up in a 'rogue's gallery' – but Carrasco refused to allow the outgoing García Prieto to have his picture painted, rapidly commissioning one of herself and hanging it up deliberately so as to leave no room for her predecessor.

The MP, who controlled the finances and local grants for the 211 town councils in the province of León, came from a working-class background in a village of just 300 inhabitants north of the city, the eldest of four siblings.

“I'm not a descendant of El Cid's foot. My parents taught me how to be honourable and to work hard to get what I want. Everything I have is the result of hard work and more hard work,” she stated in her last-ever interview before her murder on May 12, 2014.

She was asked by a leading provincial newspaper whether she 'regretted' having 'become a rival of her own party colleagues', and answered: “I only become a rival of anyone at the polling stations.

“Campaigns to discredit me are merely linked to personal interest of those who have chosen to become rivals of me, not the other way around, and who have not and will not beat me on the democratic battleground.”

The trial, due to conclude on February 17, will see 99 witnesses give testimony, but one of those for the prosecution – the victim's only daughter, Loreto Rodríguez Carrasco – has been ruled out due to being too close to the deceased.

A jury of five men and four women will decide the case, which involves private as well as public prosecutions.

As well as the 23 years each in jail, the three women could be ordered to pay compensation to Carrasco's boyfriend and daughter in the sum of €150,000.



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