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Toddler thrown from window by paedophile dies in hospital
thinkSPAIN , Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A TODDLER who was thrown out of a window by a paedophile after the child's mother caught him abusing her has died in hospital from her injuries.

The accused, D. M., 30, from Sevilla, also attacked baby Alicia's mother, a Brazilian woman aged 18, who is said to be in a serious but stable condition in the Txagorritxu Hospital near her home.

Meanwhile, the killer has been treated for minor injuries – mostly cuts and scratches when the infant's mother tried to fight him off – and has since been admitted to a psychiatric ward.

The accused had entered the house at around 03.30hrs on Monday morning, and the child's mother woke up to find him sexually abusing her daughter.

A fight broke out, which awoke several nearby residents.

Windows were heard shattering, and both used shards of broken glass as weapons, whilst the accused beat the young woman 'all over her body', witnesses say.

They said it looked as though the man was also trying to throw the mother out of the window.

She was seen rushing out of the flat, half-naked and covered in blood, to rescue her toddler.

Neighbours of the mother and toddler in the Basque city of Vitoria-Gasteiz say they did not go to the child's aid when they saw her fly out of the window and land on the pavement, because they thought she was a doll rather than a human.

It was only when they saw emergency services covering her with a blanket that they realised the true horror of the situation.

Alicia was rushed to intensive care at the Cruces University Hospital in Bilbao with serious head injuries, which she did not recover from.

Medics had said that if Alicia survived, she was likely to be brain-damaged for the rest of her life.

Her mother was due to be transferred to the same hospital yesterday 'not for clinical, but strictly humanitarian' reasons, so she could be near her daughter.

The suspected paedophile, who owned up to having abused the tot and thrown her from the first-floor apartment block window, is said to have been a saxophone teacher at various music schools in Vitoria and nearby Salvatierra.

He was described as 'brilliant but extremely reserved'.

At least two of the music centres he worked at voiced their 'absolute revulsion' at his cold-hearted crime, saying the abuse aspect was 'even worse' given that he worked with children.

One of the mother's neighbours said she had seen the woman and the accused together 'about two years ago' and had assumed they were students.

Other reports say the mother had never met him before.

The case remains sub judice, so no further details will be reported until court inquiries are further along – meaning the relationship between the mother and the paedophile, if any, is still unknown.

According to police, not only did the killer admit he had abused the toddler, but he said he had done so 'several times before'.

It is not clear whether he was referring to the same child or a series of other children.



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