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Alfonso Rus (PP) mounts pavement, jumps traffic light and swerves to avoid hitting pedestrians to escape reporters
thinkSPAIN , Saturday, January 30, 2016

FORMER president of the PP party in Valencia provincial council Alfonso Rus claims he has 'been set up' in the recent public fund corruption, bribery and embezzlement investigations – and as he tried to escape reporters outside his house, drove his car along the pavement and nearly ran over a child.

Rus, also former mayor of Xàtiva (Valencia province) was caught on camera and shown on national TV pulling out of his garage and driving at speed along the pavement, swerving several times to avoid unwitting pedestrians.

He jumped a red traffic light to get away, and had to brake sharply to avoid hitting a child walking along the pathway, and veer into the oncoming traffic when he nearly collided with an entire family walking peacefully and unawares along the pavement.

The entire incident was shown on Spain's channel six, La Sexta.

Rus has been released with charges following his arrest over the multi-million illegal commissions and backhanders scandal involving the 100% public-sector-run firm Imelsa, which is owned and managed by the provincial council, or Diputación de Valencia.

He was president of the Diputación at the time of the public works contracts under scrutiny.

Rus insists the case is 'a set-up' and that he has been 'framed'.

His civil bail release, to cover his possible tax and public fund liabilities, comes to €2 million.

Rus' offices and a furniture shop he owns in Xàtiva have been raided.

“When I've recovered from this ordeal, I'll give my own version of events,” he insists.

Rus was filmed some years back in an incident which has only recently come to light counting out bank notes in his car in the presence of Imelsa's MD, Marcos Benavent.

“Anyone who sticks their hands in the public pot should have it cut off,” he maintains.



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