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Extreme misogynist radicals banned from meeting in Granada and Barcelona
thinkSPAIN , Friday, February 5, 2016

A RADICAL misogynist and homophobic group planning meetings in 43 countries worldwide on Saturday have been banned from doing so in Spain following a petition on which netted 50,000 signatures in three days.

The extremist group, Return Of Kings (ROK) – led by an Armenian who holds US citizenship, Daryush Valizadeh – had intended to call meetings in Barcelona and Granada.

But the city halls have declined permission for 'security reasons', saying they 'cannot guarantee the safety' of the men who join in.

Over 165 cities worldwide are expected to host meetings of the dangerously-prejudiced association, which is only open to heterosexual men who are not transsexual.

Their values, according to the leader who calls himself 'Roosh V', are based upon women's intellectual inferiority and lower value in society, advocating and calling for the legalising of rape, and saying women should not be allowed to vote because they are 'too thick'.

They are staunch supporters of US Republican candidate, property tycoon Donald Trump; they refer to feminists and defenders of social justice as 'blasphemers'

'Roosh V', or Valizadeh, says he has written textbooks on 'how to pull girls and get sex'.

In answer to questions asked about the meetings such as 'what to do if an attractive girl gets me up against the wall', Roosh V says, “ask her for her phone number and tell her to go away.”

Some asked what to do if 'mad feminists turned up', and Roosh V says the men should record them on video and otherwise ignore them.

“Men who fear the actions of feminists are underestimating their own ability to react firmly and without being afraid.

“Unfortunately, even if a feminist videos your face and uploads it onto YouTube, the 'crime' is already committed – that of being in a public place – but it is still not enough for a gang of witches to cause hassle.”

The meetings, according to social networks, were due to start at 20.00hrs and participants were given a meeting point.

They were told to ask any men they saw if they knew where the nearest pet shop was; if they received a 'yes' answer, they would know this was a member of the society and would follow them to the conference venue.

Now the Barcelona and Granada meetings have been blocked, ROK says 'the world is moving against them'.

“I've heard of around a dozen protests being organised against our meetings, and dozens more are being organised in private,” Roosh V wrote on his social media profile.

“This meeting was not designed to cause confrontation with unattractive women or their defenders,” he stresses.

These people, he says, are 'strident, hateful, dishonest and potentially violent'.



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