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Coffee, lemons, mouthwash and energy drinks do not mask breathalysing and drug test results, warn traffic authorities
thinkSPAIN , Friday, February 19, 2016

MORE than one in five drivers in Spain believes they can mask drink and drug test results with 'foolproof' methods that will mean they do not get caught.

They believed drinking coffee or sucking lemons would hide the results, and coffee would 'sober them up'.

Many thought drinking enough water or energy beverages such as Red Bull, swilling mouthwash or even making themselves sweat profusely would alter the results of a breathalysing or saliva test, used to read alcohol levels and detect the presence of drugs respectively.

Products are even on sale via the black market which claim to hide drug and alcohol intake during roadside tests, but research has shown they do not have any effect.

Out of the carefully-chosen sample of 1,205 drivers aged 18 to 60, a total of 22% believed they could pull the wool over police officers' eyes using these 'tricks' after taking drugs – rising to 27% of the 18-25 age-group – and 30% thought they would work for a breathalysing test.

Spain's General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) says there is no way of rigging the results, because it is scientifically and medically impossible.

The breath measured comes from the numerous air sacs on the end of each of a network of tiny tubes called bronchioles within the lungs, through which oxygen is inhaled and carbon dioxide exhaled, having travelled through the blood stream and organs.

Another three in 10 motorists in Spain thought cocaine and heroin would not show up on a drug test, believing these to be only designed to detect cannabis, and a similar number thought a small amount of any drug would not be picked up by the tests.

In fact, even just one puff of a joint will be detected – and test results will show up positive up to six hours after consumption.



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