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Mother, daughter and policewoman friend found guilty of MP Isabel Carrasco's murder
thinkSPAIN , Sunday, February 21, 2016

ALL three women on trial for the murder of MP Isabel Carrasco have been found guilty by a jury.

Montserrat González, 56, already admitted to the premeditated killing of the PP leader for León provincial council, insisting it was 'either Carrasco or her daughter'.

Ex-council worker Triana Martínez, 35, had been suffering a nervous breakdown after Carrasco – who was described by inside sources as arrogant and despotic – had 'made her life hell', according to her mother.

Montserrat insisted her daughter and Triana's friend, Local Police officer Raquel Gago, 42, were innocent, but the jury also found them guilty.

They considered it proven that Triana had been actively involved in her mother's decision to murder Carrasco, seeking photos online and helping to source the gun with which Montserrat shot the MP three times in the head as she crossed a bridge in León city on foot after leaving her block of flats.

Raquel Gago, according to herself, Triana and Montserrat, did not know the gun found in her patrol car had been placed there by Triana – who claimed she did not know what was in the bag – but had, in fact, been waiting for the killer's daughter to pass it to her so she could get rid of it.

Phone calls were allegedly made between Triana and Raquel to arrange to meet, thought to be organised in advance as part of the killing operation.

Raquel burst into tears when she heard the verdict, but Triana and Montserrat sat in stony silence.

Triana had claimed she and Carrasco were good friends initially, but that the latter made sexual advances to her, hinting that it would help her career – and that when Triana rejected these, Carrasco made her life difficult and arranged for the telecomms engineer's job, which had been created specially for her, to disappear.

Carrasco's male partner said in court that he had never been aware of any attraction on the deceased's part towards women, only men.

And the judge questioned why Triana had not mentioned it until she spoke to the court psychiatrist.

The jury was divided over whether any type of official pardon, or suspended sentence, was appropriate for Triana and Raquel, although more conclusive that these concessions should not apply to Montserrat.

The exact sentence is not known as yet, but is likely to involve around 12 years for Raquel, 22 years for Montserrat and 19 years for Triana, for conspiracy to murder in the case of the younger women, and for illegal possession of firearms for all three.



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