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Man arrested for selling jewellery he found with a metal detector
thinkSPAIN , Thursday, March 3, 2016

A SANTANDER man has been arrested for selling jewellery he found with a metal detector on his local beach.

The 58-year-old found numerous items of gold and silver on Laredo beach and made at least 18 sales over the course of two years in jewellery shops in the Cantabria regional capital.

He is said to have made around €3,500 from doing so.

The items included engraved jewellery such as wedding and engagement rings, and bracelets and necklaces with dates of birth, some with names – none of which bore any relation to the seller.

His arrest clears up any possible doubt other members of the public may have about the 'finders, keepers' idea – items found should always be handed in to the police, where they will remain in the lost property department for two years.

If, after this time has passed, they have not been reclaimed, the original finder has the right to retrieve it and keep or sell it as required.

The photo shows a popular beach in Santander.



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