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Passengers stand up to racist on Manchester tram attacking Spanish couple
thinkSPAIN , Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A TORRENT of racist abuse hurled at a Spanish couple on the Manchester tram was followed by overwhelming support from other passengers who threatened to call the police if the assailant continued.

Filmed by a Peruvian man travelling in the same bus, a video of the incident shows a man in a grey hoodie and jeans ordering the couple, who were talking to each other in Spanish, to 'speak English'.

They replied that they had the right to talk in whatever language they wanted – at which point, the aggressive passenger told them to 'go back to their own country'.

Another passenger told him that if he was going to 'carry on being racist', he would 'just call the police on him', saying it was 'unacceptable in this country and in this day and age' and that he was sure 'everyone else on the train agreed'.

Another woman defended the Spanish couple, saying, “They're English. What does it matter if they're talking in another language?”

The aggressive man demanded to know if the passenger challenging him was English, to which he replied that he was and that he 'did not care what country anyone else came from'.

Next, the abusive man asked, “are you gay?” which the passenger answered with, “yeh, and who cares if I am?”

The attacker concluded, “there you go, then,” as if to say he 'rested his case', which got him another brush-off from the rest of the passengers.

“Oh, so I'm racist about gays now?” the aggressive passenger demanded.

Filmer José, who moved to Manchester from Perú three years ago to study an MBA at the university, said he wanted the video to go viral to show 'how amazing' the city's people are for standing up to a racist.

He said, “it was disgusting, he was really abusive.”

But the attacker shut up when he saw he was outnumbered, José revealed.

And he said 'only in Britain' would anyone else on the tram have bothered to come to the Spanish couple's aid.

“In fact, I was speaking to the Spanish guy who was attacked and he, too, said that to me – he said nobody would have bothered helping anyone like that except in the UK.”

A similar, but more physically-violent attack on a late-night bus in Manchester was reported a year ago, in which two Spanish men were set upon by a drunken woman and her two male companions and kicked as they got off at the next stop, fleeing for their safety.

The photo is taken from the YouTube video uploaded by José, who did not wish to reveal his full name in case of reprisals.



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