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King's and Queen's phone messages to Bankia card fraud suspect leaked
thinkSPAIN , Friday, March 11, 2016

SPAIN'S justice ministry is investigating whether the leaking of messages between Queen Letizia and a suspect in the so-called 'Black Cards' fraud case could be a criminal offence.

Javier López Madrid (pictured) was one of a number of directors of the now-defunct bank Caja Madrid, which has since been absorbed the the bailed-out State-owned Bankia, who have been investigated for allegedly using their company credit cards for personal, non-work-related expenses.

Doing so is considered tax fraud, because their card bills were automatically offset against their tax declarations as being costs incurred in their professional activity.

In López's case, the amount under investigation comes to €34,807.

His mobile phone was searched by police who were investigating a possible case of workplace bullying against Dr Elisa Pinto and a counter-claim by López against her, and they found a group chat which included messages from the Queen.

“I wrote to you when the article came out about the cards...and you know what I think about it all, Javier. We know who you are, you know who we are. We know each other, we love each other and we respect each other. As for anything else, merde [an expletive in French]. A big kiss for you, Yogi pal. Miss you!!!”

The last two words were in English.

King Felipe VI, HRH Letizia's husband also appeared in the thread at least once, on his private phone, where he tells López Madrid that he would 'rather speak with him in private' and invites him out to lunch.

The accused – who is currently managing director of the construction firm Villar Mir – said he was unable to do so because he was in San Francisco (USA), but would be able to return early from the trip if necessary.

Here, the King wrote: “There he goes! No, of course not, don't be silly. It was just so we could chat in peace. We'll talk when you're back. Sending you a big hug and enjoy yourself away from all the hue and cry.”

King Felipe and Javier López reportedly met for lunch a week later.

The Royal Household has neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the messages, but has indeed stressed that the King and Queen were no longer friends with López Madrid.




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