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Woman dressed in hospital uniform attempts to steal babies in Valencia and Murcia
thinkSPAIN , Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A 21-YEAR-OLD Spanish woman who attempted to steal newborn babies by dressing as a nurse has been arrested.

She was caught trying to steal a baby from Valencia's La Fe hospital (pictured) on Sunday, but the infant's father stopped her from taking the child away, since he became suspicious.

The same woman was being searched for by police from Cartagena (Murcia) for having tried to steal two babies from a hospital there on the same day.

According to the father of the infant in La Fe, she appeared in the obstetrics ward in a uniform which did not appear to be the same as that of the other nurses and doctors, and did not have the correct identification.

He said she tried to take the baby from his arms, saying she needed to carry out tests.

The father asked her for details of the tests, and reported that her answers appeared 'inconsistent'.

He took his baby back from her, and she fled the room.

The infant's dad alerted hospital staff, who caught her leaving the toilet block

They say she had gone into several rooms without permission, and that the medical uniform she was wearing was from a hospital in Murcia.

Staff managed to stop her from getting away and called the hospital's private security firm, which then contacted the National Police and ended in the girl's arrest.

Apparently, after the father took his baby back and she fled, before hiding out in the toilet, she had gone into another room and told the female patient she needed to take her baby for tests – but, in this case, the woman had not yet given birth.

She then went into a third room, where the baby's family told her to leave, after which she hid in the toilets and took off her hospital uniform.

Police found a coach ticket in the pocket for a trip from Murcia to Valencia, arriving at 15.00hrs on Sunday.

She had tried to take two other babies from a hospital in Cartagena that morning, but the children's parents had become suspicious as their infants had only just come back from having tests.

La Fe recalls that, like most hospitals in Spain, it has an 'open-door policy' which is beneficial to patients and their companions, since visiting hours are not restricted at all except when medical conditions or treatment dictate.

And parents of newborns are allowed to be present during any tests or examinations carried out on their babies.



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