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Far-right extremists firebomb Madrid mosque
thinkSPAIN , Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A RADICAL extreme far-right group based in Madrid has hurled firebombs at the city's main mosque and hung a banner on its wall reading: “Today Brussels, tomorrow Madrid?”

The 'Ramiro Ledesma social centre', as the organisation calls itself, made no secret of its responsibility for the attack, which it dubs as a 'campaign against radical Islam'.

It is said to be one of the most active extreme-right groups in the capital, and has staged lock-ins in buildings in protest over immigration and Islam, and once set up a food distribution drive for the poor and needy 'only for Spanish people'.

Members targeted the so-called M-30 Mosque, which takes its name from the outer suburban motorway that runs past it.

To champion their actions, the 'Ramiro Ledesma' posted a photo of the burning mosque under the Twitter hashtag #TerroristsWelcome, a word-play on the much-followed site #RefugeesWelcome which supports asylum-seekers fleeing the war in Syria being given a safe haven in Europe.

They added a comment on the post referring to the fact that it was Paris targeted by terrorists first, then Brussels, and that 'tomorrow it could be Madrid'.

According to their Twitter posts, the attack on the M-30 was not just in response to the recent bomb blasts at Brussels' Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro station, but was also 'against the mosque itself'.

They accuse it of financing the so-called 'Islamic State', or DAESH, and wrote: “Get mosques out of Europe.”

Just three months ago, the 'Ramiro Ledesma' hurled firebombs at the door of the PP government headquarters on the C/ Génova in Madrid whilst the party was analysing the general election ballot box results, and shouted, “Arriba España,” a pro-Franco slogan which translates as 'Up Spain', but carries a very different, extreme nationalist meaning.

Madrid city council has condemned the attack, saying: “We will not let them criminalise the Muslim community. Let's fight terrorism together. Close communities = safe cities.”


M-30 Mosque community condemns terrorism

After the Paris attacks in November, Spanish reporters interviewed dozens of Muslims pouring out of the M-30 Mosque following Friday prayers.

Without exception, they all fiercely condemned the terrorists and their actions, some of them becoming very emotional.

Many said, tearfully, that they 'loved Spain' and it was their 'home', having lived there for anything from a decade to a quarter of a century, and would never want any harm to come to the country or its people.

One of the Muslim women had survived serious injuries in the 11-M bombing at Atocha station in March 2004, perpetrated by radical 'Islamic' terror cell Al-Qaeda, and had some ferocious words to say about the culprits.

They all wholeheartedly coincided in the opinion that the terrorists 'were not Muslims', because their religion abhors violence, and their Imams said they would always immediately remove anyone from a mosque community if they were found to be 'radicalising' Muslims.


Photograph from Twitter



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