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ETA promises its 'total and final disarmament' on April 8
thinkSPAIN , Friday, March 17, 2017

BASQUE separatist terrorism cell ETA has announced it will hand in its arms 'officially' on April 8 this year.

The organisation has not been active for some years, with its last attack being a police car bomb in Palmanova, Mallorca in 2009 and the last major blast on December 30, 2006, when terrorists blew up the car park at Madrid airport's T4, killing two men.

Their history, which goes back to the early 1970s, was far more bloodthirsty and involved regular, multiple victims – in fact, even in the mid-1990s, residents in major cities and coastal areas said they were always on their guard whenever they left the house.

At present, ETA's disarmament has reached an impasse due to both the Spanish and French governments' refusal to get involved.

Later this evening (Friday), ETA was due to present an exhaustive list of the whereabouts of its weapons and explosives stashes to the international media to speed up the the disarmament.

The announcement, backed by several other sources within the organisation, came from ETA prisoner Jean-Noël Etcheverry, who was arrested last April.

It was Etcheverry who told French national daily newspaper Le Monde that the terror cell's 'total and final disarmament' would be on April 8, 2017.

Spain's government says it would only be content with ETA's total dissolution and adds that the terrorist group did not hand in its weapons earlier because it 'wanted something for themselves out of it'.

Among ETA's most frequent requests is for all its prisoners to be moved to jails in the Basque Country so they can be near their families.

The Basque regional government has called for the laying down of arms to be 'unilateral, irreversible, complete, and legal'.



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