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Neighbours evacuated after demolition work next door
ThinkSpain  , Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Firemen were forced to evacuate the occupants of a property on Valladolidīs Calle Ferrocarril yesterday as a result of a botched demolition job next door.

Workmen demolishing a residential block at nš29 using a mechanical digger accidentally damaged a partition wall on the second floor of block nš31 causing several large cracks to open up on the first floor.

Around 12-15 residents had to be evacuated and were offered accommodation in local hotels while Town Hall architects assess the extent of the damge. Repairs will be made and paid for by the company responsible for carrying out the demolition work, ROYCAS SL.

Earlier in the day police officers had been called in after several complaints about the amount of dust being generated on the demolition site, which was subsequently hosed down.

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