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Royal birth: Leonor meets the press
ThinkSpain , Monday, November 7, 2005

Leonor was introduced to the world's press shortly after midday today, when she and her mother left the Rúber International Clinic in Madrid, where Leonor was born by caesarian section during the early hours of last Monday morning. Prince Felipe said that his daughter is eating well, sleeps a lot, and has blue eyes.

Doña Letizia confirmed that she was breast feeding, and that the choice of name had been her husband's, and not hers. Doña Letizia added that she was still recovering from the operation, but confirmed that there had been no complications. She also took the opportunity to thank her medical team, and her former colleagues in the media for their constant vigil outside the hospital over the last week.

Letizia and Leonor to spend weekend in hospital
Friday, November 4, 2005

The Princess of Asturias and the Infanta Leonor, who was born by caesarian section on Monday morning, will probably spend the weekend at the Rúber International Clinic in Madrid.

It was expected that both would be allowed home today, but in a statement issued by her doctors this morning, it transpires that this has now been put back to next "Monday or Tuesday." According to a source close to the Royal Family, Doña Letizia is recovering well after caesarian surgery.

Queen Sofia joined the couple and their new daughter yesterday after presiding a Red Cross awards ceremony, and both of Prince Felipe's elder sisters, the Infantas Elena (photo) and Cristina, also dropped by.

Leonor's maternal grandparents, Francisco Rocasolano and his wife, Enriqueta, travelled down from Asturias to meet their new granddaughter for the first time yesterday.

Among political leaders who have popped into the clinic this week to congratulate the couple have been; president Zapatero (PSOE), PP leader Mariano Rajoy, Madrid regional president, Esperanza Aguirre (PP), Madrid mayor, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón (PP), and the president of the House of Congress, Manuel Marín (PSOE).

Broad consensus over Constitutional reform
Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Following the birth of the Infanta Leonor yesterday morning, leaders of all political parties have congratulated the Prince and Princess of Asturias on the birth of their first child, and have expressed their support for reforming the Spanish Constitution to make it possible for her to succeed her father, currently first in line to succeed to the Spanish throne ahead of his two elder sisters. However, they were also unanimous that there is no urgency to do so.

Joan Saura, House of Congress spokesman for the Green Left party (IU-ICV), was pleased because "it's a girl, which means we shall have to set about reforming the Constitution."

Government president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, said that the process has already started, but will not be brought forward.

Justice minister, Juan Antonio Alonso, said that "the government has made a commitment to the Spanish people and parliament to implement a constitutional reform initiative with four main objectives; the Senate, the Autonomous Communities, Europe and the succession of the Head of State."

Leader of the opposition PP party, Mariano Rajoy, also backed the government's proposal, but said there is "plenty of time" to look at changing the Carta Magna "and between us, we must find the best time to do so."

United Left (IU) leader, Gaspar Llamazares, said that it was an opportunity for all parties to propose further constitutional changes, and confirmed that his party would be backing the Republican option.

Following their visit to the Rúber International Clinic yesterday, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia told journalists that their seventh grandchild is "plump, beautiful, and cries a lot."

Princess Letizia is said to be well rested and ready for a number of visitors expected today, including Leonor's aunts, uncles and cousins; the Infantas Elena and Cristina, and their respective families.

Letizia gives birth to healthy girl, Leonor
Monday, October 31, 2005

Princess Letizia gave birth to a baby girl at 1.46am this morning. She was born at the Ruber International Clinic in Madrid by caesarian section, weighs a healthy 3.5kg (approx. 7lb 12oz), is 47cm tall, and will be christened Leonor de Borbón y Ortiz. "We're radiant and happy," said Don Felipe at a press conference held shortly before 6am this morning. "This is the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone," he continued, "she's a big girl, seems strong and healthy," and "takes after both her mother and father."

The Infanta Leonor is second in line to the Spanish throne after her father, and ahead of her two aunts, the Infantas Elena and Cristina. She was born just one day before the second anniversary of her parents' engagement. As things stand, the Spanish Constitution does not permit female heirs, but the socialist government has proposed an amendment, which, it is expected, will be approved by parliament before the next general elections in 2008. Prince Felipe added that the name Leonor "has many historical links," and that the christening will take place after Christmas.

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