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 Featured Property in Estepona (Malaga)
Villa in Estepona Villa for Sale (ref: 3063283)  > Add to Basket
NEW DEVELOPMENT N THE NEW GOLDEN MILE . Situated in a prestigious area known as "The New Golden Mile", between Marbella and Estepona and only ten minutes from Puerto Banus. This is an ideal gated tranquil development that has two communal pools...
 Price: € 215,000 (Approx. £ 183,761) more info/contact

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Villa in Villafranca del Bierzo Villa for Sale (ref: 2728291)  > Add to Basket
Selling a luxurious 6 bedroom house with vineyard, arable land and hand made bespoke real wood furniture in Spain’s North West agricultural...
Location: Villafranca del Bierzo (Leon)  > Show Map
Living Area: 360 m2 / Plot: 6240 m2
Bedrooms: 6 / Bathrooms: 3
Price: € 270,000 (Approx. £ 230,769) more info/contact

 Featured Property in Ciudad Quesada (Alicante)
Bungalow in Ciudad Quesada Bungalow for Sale (ref: 2897604)  > Add to Basket
* This immaculately presented two bedroom semi-detached bungalow is located in Lo Crispin, close to Ciudad Quesada on the Costa Blanca South. The property is situated in a lovely quiet residential area with access to a stunning communal pool and...
 Price: € 89,950 (Approx. £ 76,880) more info/contact

NEW SEARCH | Property for Sale > Leon
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