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 Featured Property in Albir (Alicante)
Bungalow in Albir Bungalow for Sale (ref: featured33625)  > Add to Basket
This bungalow is situated in a very nice area of Albir, surrounded by wonderful nature and close to the beach and Albir’s light house. The main floor offers a nice size living room, independent kitchen and toilette. From the living room you...
 Price: € 220,000 (Approx. £ 157,143) more info/contact

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Undeveloped Land in Villamontan de la Valduerna Undeveloped Land for Sale (ref: 2652628)  > Add to Basket
Plot of land, in northern Spain, Leon, flat, good access, with oaks, without power next. Neither water network. Very natural setting, you can build...
Location: Villamontan de la Valduerna (Leon)  > Show Map
Living Area: 10100 m2 / Plot: 10100 m2
Price: € 6,500 (Approx. £ 4,643) more info/contact

 Featured Property in Pollensa/Pollenca (Mallorca)
Villa in Pollensa/Pollenca Villa for Sale (ref: featured33773)  > Add to Basket
Finca in a quiet area between Pollensa and Port de Pollensa Nice finca in a very quiet area, between Pollenša and Port de Pollensa. It has a fully fenced plot with nice views of the mountains, with 500 olive trees producing olive oil annually. It...
 Price: € 435,000 (Approx. £ 310,714) more info/contact

NEW SEARCH | Property for Sale > Leon
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