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News Prosecution to investigate 'historic' electricity bill hike . (21/1/2017)
Legal & Finance.
News C&A to shut 23 stores in Spain and make 300 workers redundant. (21/1/2017)
News Julio Iglesias' much-loved 1972 Seat 1430, his first 'flash' car, up for auction. (20/1/2017)
Transport (inc Motoring).
News 'Flu epidemic rages with patient numbers up by 26% in a week. (20/1/2017)
Community/Public Services.
News Petrol and diesel fall in price after two months of consistent rises. (20/1/2017)
Transport (inc Motoring).
News Russian hacker sought by US justice system arrested in Barcelona . (20/1/2017)
Catalonia > Barcelona - Crime/Incidents.
News Drivers trapped all night on Valencia and Alicante roads and rail traffic disrupted due to snow. (20/1/2017)
Alicante/Cast./Valencia - Transport (inc Motoring).
News Health minister stresses pensioners' prescription charges will not go up, but 'reforms are needed'. (19/1/2017)
Community/Public Services.
News Rihanna, Arya, Daenerys, Shakira, Britney, Madonna and Miley: celebrity baby names become commonplace in Spain. (19/1/2017)
Community/Public Services.
News More snow expected today across Spain – even on Mediterranean beaches. (19/1/2017)
News FITUR tourism trade fair opens in Madrid with a new 'green' and 'pet-friendly' focus. (19/1/2017)
News If you can't beat 'em, join 'em: RENFE to hook up with Über and offer combined car-share and train tickets. (18/1/2017)
Transport (inc Motoring).
News Diesel cars cause more than twice the air pollution of buses and lorries. (18/1/2017)
Transport (inc Motoring).
News Madrid to Tangiers in an hour on Hyperloop inter-continental bullet-train . (18/1/2017)
Madrid - Transport (inc Motoring).
News Five ex-managers of Novacaixagalicia Bank jailed for giving themselves millions in early retirement pay-offs. (17/1/2017)
Galicia - Legal & Finance.
News Arsenal's Alexis Sánchez admits to €984,000 tax evasion whilst playing for Barça FC. (17/1/2017)
Catalonia > Barcelona - Sport.
News U2 Barcelona concert tickets sold out in eight hours. (17/1/2017)
Catalonia > Barcelona - Leisure/Entertainment.
News Barcelona taxi 'slow' protest causes 17-kilometre gridlock. (17/1/2017)
Catalonia > Barcelona - Transport (inc Motoring).
News Spain's economic growth exceeded forecasts for 2016 thanks to 'more international' business focus. (17/1/2017)
News Irish president Enda Kelly gives Rajoy a named football shirt for the 'Galicia national team'. (16/1/2017)
Politics & People.

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