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News Olive oil really does get rid of 'bad' cholesterol, say researchers in Barcelona. (18/2/2017)
Food & Drink.
News Vegetarian 'revolution': Fast-growing trend sees fewer meat-eaters than ever. (16/2/2017)
Food & Drink.
News 'The Sun' claims Murcia is 'secretly hoarding' lettuce and 'keeping it from rationed Brits'. (10/2/2017)
Murcia - Food & Drink.
News British supermarkets limit vegetable purchases per person due to Spain's weather-related supply shortage. (4/2/2017)
Food & Drink.
News Maximum refined sugar intake should be 'no more than six teaspoons a day', say Spanish nutritionists. (25/1/2017)
Food & Drink.
News Welsh tourist thinks Spanish chocolate peanut brand Conguitos are 'racist'. (23/1/2017)
Asturias > Avilés - Food & Drink.
News British supermarkets report vegetable shortage and price hike due to cold snap in Spain. (23/1/2017)
Food & Drink.
News Café shut after rats filmed eating baguettes in display unit. (9/12/2016)
Madrid > Madrid - Food & Drink.
News Botulism cases in Alicante and Germany linked to brand of dried salted fish. (26/11/2016)
Alicante/Cast./Valencia - Food & Drink.
News Paella for dessert? Banoffee version hits London and New York; Valencians have refrained from commenting. (20/11/2016)
Food & Drink.
News Calls to cut IVA on gluten-free groceries from 21% to 4%. (5/11/2016)
Andalucia > Córdoba - Food & Drink.
News Bars, vending machines and public buildings in Andalucía must provide drinking water free of charge. (27/10/2016)
Andalucia - Food & Drink.
News World's best restaurant (and numbers 10 and 13) in Spain, according to TripAdvisor. (24/10/2016)
Basque Country - Food & Drink.
News Does full-fat yoghurt reduce depression risk in women? . (10/10/2016)
Navarra > Pamplona/Iruña - Food & Drink.
News Jamie Oliver: “An elderly Spanish lady told me to add chorizo to paella”. (8/10/2016)
Food & Drink.
News 'Seven Culinary Wonders of Spain' seek UNESCO heritage title. (27/8/2016)
Food & Drink.
News Shakira and Piqué tip Ibiza chef €20,000. (23/8/2016)
Balearic Islands > Ibiza/Eivissa - Food & Drink.
News Crowd punch-up breaks out in restaurant over 'price of prawns'. (10/8/2016)
Andalucia > Mojácar - Food & Drink.
News Botulism provokes recall of white beans. (7/7/2016)
Catalonia > Girona - Food & Drink.
News MasterChef contestants cook recipes from 'Don Quijote' 400 years after author's death. (3/5/2016)
Castilla-La Mancha > Almagro - Food & Drink.

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