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Suances (Cantabria) weather
Forecast shown is for nearest weather station: Torrelavega (7.62 km)
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Chemical ship runs aground on Cantabria beach

'The Explorer' cargo ship that ran aground shortly after leaving the port of Requejada yesterday afternoon is loaded with 1,600 tonnes of sodium carbonate manufactured by the...

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Five day Weather Forecast
Weather Tonight
Low: 6ºC
Wind: 24kph NW
Humidity: 87%
Weather Tomorrow
High/Low: 16ºC/7ºC
Wind: 6kph SW
Mon, 30 Nov
High/Low: 17ºC/6ºC
Wind: 8kph NNE
Tue, 1 Dec
High/Low: 17ºC/8ºC
Wind: 10kph ENE
Wed, 2 Dec
High/Low: 20ºC/9ºC
Wind: 15kph SSE
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 Min/Max Temperatures Today
24ºC San Sebastián de la Gomera
-9ºC Taull
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