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Far d'Empordà (El) (Girona) weather
Forecast shown is for nearest weather station: Figueres (3.56 km)
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Costa Brava expats targeted by ruthless burglary gangs

It was confirmed yesterday that an English family was attacked at their country home (photo) in Far d'Empordà (Girona) last Friday by a gang of burglars. The robbers locked the...

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Five day Weather Forecast
Weather Today
High/Low: 24ºC/16ºC
Wind: 30kph WNW
Visibility: 16km
Humidity: 63%
Weather Tonight
Wind: 32kph N
Weather Tomorrow
High/Low: 27ºC/17ºC
Wind: 33kph N
Tue, 26 May
High/Low: 24ºC/16ºC
Wind: 50kph NNW
Wed, 27 May
High/Low: 24ºC/15ºC
Wind: 45kph N
Thu, 28 May
High/Low: 25ºC/15ºC
Wind: 17kph E
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 Min/Max Temperatures Today
31ºC Badajoz
0ºC Taull
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