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Tortosa (Tarragona) weather
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Registered letter and hours of queueing for jobseeker overpaid by one cent A DOLE office sent out a recorded delivery letter ordering a young woman to refund a one-cent overpayment by bank transfer within 30 days or face interest charges of 20 per cent.
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Five day Weather Forecast
Weather Tonight
Low: 17ºC
Wind: 25kph NNW
Humidity: 75%
Weather Tomorrow
High/Low: 30ºC/15ºC
Wind: 32kph WNW
Wed, 27 May
High/Low: 28ºC/15ºC
Wind: 23kph W
Thu, 28 May
High/Low: 27ºC/14ºC
Wind: 28kph S
Fri, 29 May
High/Low: 27ºC/14ºC
Wind: 21kph SSE
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33ºC Jerez de la Frontera
3ºC Manzaneda
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