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Local news and information for Villena, Alicante

Crime/Incidents Sun, Jul 17, 2011

Massive hash haul found on A-31 in Villena

GUARDIA Civil officers have arrested a lorry driver on the A-31 in Villena (Alicante) after he was found to have nearly a tonne of hash in the back. Police say they were carrying out a routine check on random vehicles...

Crime/Incidents Wed, Jun 30, 2010

Pile-up near Villena leaves three dead and two critical

THREE people who were killed in a four-car pile-up on the A-31 in Villena (Alicante) today wee all members of the same family, according to the fire brigade. They have been identified as a 93-year-old woman and her son,...

Transport Mon, Jan 19, 2009

Two killed in A-31 blackspot smash

Two people died last Saturday after their van became involved in an accident with a truck on the treacherous A-31 freeway near Villena. The van apparently hit the truck, and then burst into flames after it collided with...

Crime/Incidents Sun, Sep 7, 2008

Injured in police chase after fighting with sister

A 22-year-old man originally from Colombia is fighting for his life after a dramatic chase down the A-31 that ended in Alicante city centre in a collision with a National Police patrol car. The drama began at around 9am...

Transport Mon, Jul 28, 2008

Villena woman killed in ambulance smash

A 60 year old woman from Villena died this morning as she was being transported to the Valencian Institute of Oncology. Four other people were injured, including the 22 year old driver, when the ambulance they were...

Culture Tue, Jul 22, 2008

Roman bath discovered at Villena dig

According to initial analyses, a large Roman bath house found on an archaeological dig in Villena, dates back to between the first century BC and the fifth century AD. It was found on the 'Casas del Campo' site...

Crime/Incidents Fri, Jun 27, 2008

Missing Villena girl turns up at Guardia Civil barracks

A 13 year old girl from Villena, who went missing last Sunday, presented herself at the local Guardia Civil barracks earlier today escorted by her boyfriend and his father. The girl, who is originally from Bulgaria, was...

Crime/Incidents Wed, Jul 26, 2006

Escaped con gives himself up

Alfredo Garcia, the head of the Capito Clan, surrendered to the authorities at Villena prison yesterday. He had been on the run since escaping from the prison eight months ago. Last month, he apparently suffered a...

Crime/Incidents Thu, Jul 20, 2006

Groom shot dead at noisy wedding reception

A wedding reception turned into tragedy in Villena yesterday, when at 3am, a neighbour, exasperated by the high level of noise the reception was causing, took his shotgun and fired at the bridegroom, who was singing on...

Transport Sun, Jan 29, 2006

Driver arrested after Villena coach smash

It has been confirmed that the five women who died in a coach accident yesterday near Villena were members of an Alicante Widows Association who were on their way to spend a weekend at the Marina d'Or in Oropesa del...

Environment Fri, Dec 9, 2005

Villena recycling plant causes confrontation

The Villena garage recycling plant is currently in a state of flux after the Valencian Ombudsman, Bernardo del Rosal had requested information from both Villena Town Hall and The Conselleria for the Territory about the...