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Community/Public Services news & information for Almería province

Society Sun, Apr 28, 2013

First baby born to Almería village since 1968

THE first baby in 45 years has been born in a tiny village in the province of Almería with fewer than 100 inhabitants. Young first-time parents Beatriz and Iker say they have lived all over Spain, but wanted their...

Society Mon, May 23, 2011

Boatload of African migrants caught off Almería coast

A MOTORBOAT heading from Morocco carrying 40 would-be migrants attempting to enter Spain via the 'back door' has been intercepted near Punta Sabinar (Almería). The coastguard service detected the boat at around...

Society Fri, Mar 31, 2006

Firemen rescue man stuck down 30m well since last week

Last night, at around 9pm, firemen from the town of Turre (Almería) finally managed to extricate 30 year old David López Segura from a 30 metre (98 feet) deep well, a week after he went missing. Mr Segura, who was...

Society Sun, Jan 15, 2006

Government unveils desalination finance scheme

The Government now has finally unveiled how it intends to finance the cost of constructing a vast number of Desalination Plants as a means of bringing drinking water to the Valencian Community after it stopped the Ebro...

Society Thu, Aug 25, 2005

Almería bin men strike ends

The Almería bin men strike is over after a deal was reached at 7am this morning between workers and management at the Urbaser garbage disposal company. Mayor Rodríguez called on the government to send in troops to...

Society Sun, May 23, 2004

More Spanish troops back from Iraq

A further 200 Spanish troops arrived back from Iraq last night touching down at Almería airport at 10pm. A further 800 will arrive at Almería and Torrejón Air Base today and tomorrow, 190 of whom will arrive at...

Society Sat, May 15, 2004

First Spanish troops arrive back from Iraq

The first contingent of Spanish soldiers arrived back on Spanish soil last night. A commercial flight with a total of 144 troops from the Withdrawal Support Contingent (CONAPRE) on board touched down last night at...

Society Fri, Feb 27, 2004

Fire-fighters return home from Morocco

10 members of the Bomberos Unidos Sin Fronteras (United Fire-fighters Without Borders) association returned to Almería this morning from helping out in Alhucemas, the area of Morocco that was severely hit by the...