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Health/Beauty/Fashion news & information for Asturias region/province


Woman denied fertility treatment 'because she is a lesbian'
Health & Beauty Wed, Apr 27, 2011

Woman denied fertility treatment 'because she is a...

A WOMAN who wants to become a mother says she has been refused fertility treatment on the national health service because she is a lesbian. Silvia García, 30, does not currently have a partner but is keen to have a...

Average age for first using cocaine is between 16 and 17
Health & Beauty Thu, May 7, 2009

Average age for first using cocaine is between 16 and 17

According to data made public today by Carmen Moya, the government official responsible for the National Drugs Plan, the average age for starting to use cocaine here in Spain falls between 16 and 17, and just 13.7 for...

Health & Beauty Fri, Mar 30, 2007

Obese boy loses 3 stones in care

A ten year old boy weighing around fifteen and a half stone (100kg) was taken into social service care ten months ago when it became clear that his weight problem was being caused by his grandparents with whom he used...

Health & Beauty Wed, Jun 2, 2004

84% of Asturian lorry drivers are too fat

A report published recently by the National and International Transport Services Company (CESINTRA) reveals that 84% of lorry drivers are overweight. The report is based on the results of 100 medical examinations...

Health & Beauty Thu, Feb 12, 2004

Asturians face longer wait for surgery

The time patients are forced to wait for surgery in Asturias increased from 57 to 61 days during 2003 according to the general director of Asturias´ heath service, Juan José Cañas, and the director of sanitary...

Health & Beauty Thu, Jan 22, 2004

New skin replacement technique for burns

Spanish medical researchers have made an important breakthrough in the treatment of patients who have been seriously burnt. The new technique requires just a 2cm square sample of the patient´s skin from which they are...

Health & Beauty Wed, Jan 21, 2004

Tobacco responsible for 90% premature heart attacks in...

Tobacco is enemy nº1 for the heart. Research carried out by doctors at the Cabueñas and Oviedo Central Hospitals, indicates that smokers account for nine out of ten premature heart attack victims in the region among...

Health & Beauty Wed, Jan 21, 2004

Birth rate up 6% last year in Asturias

Public hospitals in Asturias registered a total of 6,578 births last year, 6% up on 2002, and represents the continuation of a slow but steady upwards trend. To go a little further back, the total number of births last...

Formula One star visits children´s hospital
Health & Beauty Wed, Dec 24, 2003

Formula One star visits children´s hospital

The Asturian Formula One racing driver, Fernando Alonso, dropped in to visit sick children at Asturias Central Hospital yesterday. Alonso handed out photographs, and chatted to the more than 50 children who will be...

Health & Beauty Wed, Dec 17, 2003

Asturias no longer top of Spanish abortion league table

Asturias no longer has the highest abortion rate in Spain. Statistics for 2001 show that there are now seven other regions with higher average abortion rates than the principality. Across Spain, an average of 7.66...