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Health/Beauty/Fashion news & information for Basque Country

Hash-related brain damage is reversible, claims research
Health & Beauty Sun, Dec 27, 2009

Hash-related brain damage is reversible, claims research

DAMAGE to the brain caused by long-term cannabis consumption is reversible in the long term, an investigation centre in Vitoria (Basque Country) has revealed. Those who smoke marihuana regularly develop extreme paranoia...

Health & Beauty Fri, Jan 18, 2008

Missing Basque girl turns up in Paris hospital

A 21 year old girl from Bilbao, who went missing from her home last Sunday, was found today in a hospital in Paris. The girl was last seen at San Sebastián's Amara bus station last Monday, and several eye-witnesses...

De Juana recovering from complicated piles surgery
Health & Beauty Fri, May 18, 2007

De Juana recovering from complicated piles surgery

Former ETA hunger striker, Iñaki de Juana Chaos, underwent an operation last Tuesday for a haemorrhoid problem that was exacerbated by his 116 day protest. However, further surgery, including a blood transfusion, has...

Health & Beauty Wed, Dec 14, 2005

Spanish kids are fattest in Europe

According to a European Commission report, Spanish children are the most obese in Europe. The news comes on the same day that it emerged that one in every ten adolsecents in the Madrid region make themselves sick, and...

Health & Beauty Thu, Dec 16, 2004

Two prisoners found dead in their cells at Álava jail

Warders at Álava´s Nanclares de la Oca jail found two men dead in their cells yesterday. A 30 year old man from Sevilla serving 20 years for various counts of robbery was found hanging from his cell door at 8am with a...

Basque town council united over cannabis legalisation
Health & Beauty Sat, Sep 4, 2004

Basque town council united over cannabis legalisation

A motion proposing the legalisation of cannabis cultivation and consumption has been carried unanimously by the Town Hall council of Eskoriatza. The motion was proposed by socialists and approved by all parties: EA-PNV,...

Health & Beauty Thu, Jul 8, 2004

Safer heart surgery technique presented in Spain for the...

50 Spanish doctors will tomorrow assist the first presentation in Spain of a surgery technique which enables heart operations without having to open the thorax. This new operation method is carried out with a remote...

Health & Beauty Wed, Mar 17, 2004

Go easy on antibiotics, says Basque microbiologist

Resistance by bacteria to treatment with traditional antibiotics has become a “large public health problem” which can even put patients’ lives in danger when it comes to serious infections. This was a warning...

Health & Beauty Mon, Nov 24, 2003

AIDS awareness campaign

Eight out of 10 young Basque people aged between 16 and 17 years believe the birth control pill stops the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). This was the “alarming” result of a survey carried out in...