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Transport (inc Motoring) news & information for Costa Dorada

'On-demand' bus service launched in Tarragona town
Transport Tue, Feb 27, 2018

'On-demand' bus service launched in Tarragona town

SPAIN'S first-ever 'bus on demand' is about to be launched in a Catalunya town – it has no fixed stops or timetables, and pick-ups are requested using a mobile phone App. Due to be piloted in July, the...

Snowdrifts trap drivers in Tarragona province
Transport Sun, Feb 28, 2016

Snowdrifts trap drivers in Tarragona province

TAILBACKS across the province of Tarragona ensued throughout most of today (Sunday) and yesterday as literally thousands of residents rushed out to see and photograph the snow laying in a thick carpet across the...

Driver fined for speeding when her broken-down car was being carried on a tow-truck
Transport Mon, Jan 26, 2015

Driver fined for speeding when her broken-down car was...

A TARRAGONA couple has been fined for speeding – whilst their car was on the back of a rescue truck. Sònia Mirambell, from Calafell in southern Catalunya says she and her husband suffered car troubles whilst driving...

Transport Mon, Sep 8, 2008

Banned driver caught doing 130mph while drunk

Jorge VP, a 38-year-old man from Roda de Barà (Tarragona), was arrested last Saturday morning after being stopped driving at 210kmh (130mph) down the AP-2 toll motorway. The arresting officers soon discovered that the...

Ex-Barça star 'stable' after surgery
Transport Thu, Dec 20, 2007

Ex-Barça star 'stable' after surgery

Guillermo Amor is reported to be in a "stable condition on an artificial respiratory machine" in the intensive care unit of the Verge de la Cinta Hospital in Tortosa (Tarragona), where he is recovering from...

Transport Thu, Mar 30, 2006

Sleepy driver detained after fatal smash

The Valencian-born driver of a truck was arrested by the Catalan police yesterday after he apparently fell asleep at the wheel, and suddenly awakening, jerked his truck across the other lanes of the AP-7 motorway near...

Transport Fri, Apr 1, 2005

Drunk driver arrested doing 112 mph

Regional Catalan police officers arrested a 57 year old man from Tarragona after a high speed chase on the N-240 which finally ended in the village of Vallmoll. He is reported to have been visibly drunk, and has been...