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Education & Employment news & information for Costa Verde

Judge puts Rumanian beggar children into care
Education/Work Sat, Aug 28, 2004

Judge puts Rumanian beggar children into care

A judge in Gijón has released two Rumanian beggars but has ordered that their children be put into care after Guardia Civil officers found two of them, a 2 year old and a 4 year old, tied to a bed by their ankles. The...

Education/Work Wed, Jun 23, 2004

Jove Hospital staff strike over sacking

Staff at the Jove Hospital in Asturias started a strike at midnight last night in protest at the sacking of a urologist. According to a staff committee spokesman, there have been a number of conflicts with management...

Education/Work Mon, May 3, 2004

Gijón welcomes Oviedo University job fair

The 3rd annual Oviedo University Job Fair will be held in the Congress Palace of Gijón´s exhibition centre between the 6-7th May. The seminar is aimed at company bosses, heads of personnel and training departments,...

Education/Work Sat, May 1, 2004

Gijón Chamber of Commerce to open training centre

Gijón Chamber of Commerce and the Asturias Business School have announced plans to open a training centre in time for next academic year 2004-2005. During the first year the centre will offer an Advanced Business...

Bomb attack on Gijón trade union headquarters
Education/Work Fri, Apr 30, 2004

Bomb attack on Gijón trade union headquarters

Several homemade explosive devices damaged CCOO and UGT offices during the early hours of yesterday morning in Gijón. According to police and trade union sources, the bombs went off on the first, second and fourth...

Education/Work Thu, Apr 29, 2004

Asturias has highest incidence of industrial accidents

According to a report released this week by the Institute for the Prevention of Industrial Accidents, serious or fatal workplace accidents are more common in Asturias than in the rest of Spain. The director of the...

Education/Work Sat, Apr 17, 2004

Suzuki workers stage another 24 hour strike

Workers at the Gijón Suzuki plant have staged another in a series of 24 hour strikes organised to protest at the breakdown in negotiations concerning employment terms and conditions. Nearly a hundred strikers marched...

Education/Work Thu, Mar 25, 2004

Suzuki workers plan more industrial action

Suzuki workers at the Gijón plant in Asturias are considering further industrial action after failing to negotiate an agreement with management over working terms and conditions. Trade union sources reveal that the...

Education/Work Wed, Mar 10, 2004

Gijón Suzuki workers take more strike action

Workers at the Gijón Suzuki factory went on strike again yesterday after last Friday´s meeting with management ended in deadlock. Striking workers again stopped traffic on the Oviedo-Gijón road which runs past the...

Education/Work Fri, Mar 5, 2004

Nearly 8,000 Gijón children will participate in VIth...

Nearly 8,000 school children from Asturias will take part in the VIth edition of the Gijón language festival which will be held from the 8-12 March in the old Cultural Institute and the San Agustín commercial centre....

Education/Work Thu, Mar 4, 2004

Suzuki workers protest at working conditions

The 220 workers at the Suzuki motorcycle factory in Gijón closed the Gijón-Oviedo road for half an hour yesterday and will be staging a two day strike in protest at some of the conditions the factory´s management...