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Education & Employment news & information for Spain

Education/Work Thu, Apr 28, 2016

Working day ending at 18.00 agreed in Parliament

ACTING president Mariano Rajoy's last-minute idea of ending the working day at 18.00 has been approved in Parliament, but it is not known when it will be put in place. The move will include a 'time bank',...

Education/Work Tue, Apr 26, 2016

ADECCO reveals this year's most-advertised jobs

LATEST reports from global recruitment agency ADECCO have listed the type of job vacancies likely to be most prolific in Spain this year – some of which do not require prior experience or where qualifications in the...

Education/Work Wed, Mar 2, 2016

Public sector job requirement of 'fluent catalán'...

CATALUNYA'S regional government has decided to ignore a High Court of Justice ruling preventing them from insisting upon fluency in in civil servants. According to the region's language policy, a level of...