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Animals/Pets news & information for Jaén province

Tiger escapes from circus
Animals/Pets Mon, Feb 15, 2016

Tiger escapes from circus

TERROR reigned near a circus in Andújar (Jaén province) yesterday (Sunday) lunchtime after a tiger gave his handlers the slip and broke loose. Emergency services were called out at around 12.45hrs by circus staff who...

First endangered bearded vulture born in Cazorla nature reserve
Animals/Pets Thu, Feb 19, 2015

First endangered bearded vulture born in Cazorla nature...

AN ENDANGERED bird of prey has been born in the province of Jaén - the first chick of 2015 - and in exactly the same sanctuary where the oldest one of its species died last year. The bearded vulture () - whose name in...

Dead lynx may have eaten poisoned bait
Animals/Pets Sun, Oct 19, 2008

Dead lynx may have eaten poisoned bait

Environmental officers suspect that a dead lynx found on private property in the Sierra Morena, near Andújar (Jaén) last Friday, may have been poisoned. So much so that an autopsy will be performed, and a dog sniffer...

Cazalilla turkey sacrificed despite protests
Animals/Pets Sun, Feb 5, 2006

Cazalilla turkey sacrificed despite protests

The tradition of throwing a live turkey from the bell tower of the church as part of the annual San Blas festival in the town of Cazalilla, went ahead as usual on Friday despite the efforts of the Anpba animal welfare...

Animals/Pets Tue, Aug 10, 2004

Stray dog attacks and injures three men in Alcalá

A 26 year old man was seriously injured, and two others were also hurt, after being attacked by a large stray dog near the village of Alcalá la Real (Jaén) at 1.40am on Sunday morning. The Alsation cross responsible...

Bearded vulture chick dies in captivity
Animals/Pets Fri, Feb 27, 2004

Bearded vulture chick dies in captivity

The bearded vulture chick that was born on Saturday February 14 in the Guadalentín Breeding in Captivity Centre in Cazorla (Jaén) died yesterday, according to the Environment Delegation of the regional government. The...

Animals/Pets Thu, Nov 20, 2003

Endangered lynx species suffers a new blow

A male Iberian lynx of about 20 months of age has died in the municipal district of Andújar after it was captured by an illegal trap that broke both its front legs, causing its eventual dehydration. The injured animal...