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Education & Employment news & information for Jaén province

Education/Work Fri, Dec 5, 2008

45 days in jail for smacking son

A woman from Pozo Alcón (Jaén) has been sentenced to spend a month and a half behind bars and banned from seeing her ten-year-old son for eighteen months after admitting to physically assaulting him. The court was...

Education/Work Thu, Oct 25, 2007

Judge exonerates teacher who slapped pupil

A teacher who gave a 13 year old pupil an open-handed slap to the back of his head has been exonerated on appeal by a judge at Jaén provincial court. Mateo Martínez Rus, who is also the headmaster at Ibros secondary...

Education/Work Thu, Oct 19, 2006

First jail term for office bully

A judge at Jaén court has sentenced the administrator of a furniture company in Mancha Real to serve six months in jail for bullying a woman who worked under him. It emerged during the trial that, having been obliged...

Education/Work Wed, Mar 10, 2004

Parents' association denounces use of CCTV cameras in...

The Fathers and Mothers Association (AMPA) of the Az-Zait secondary education centre in Jaén has denounced the filming of pupils in the centre’s corridors with CCTV cameras during classroom hours as it believes this...