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Community/Public Services news & information for Murcia region/province

Society Sun, Feb 4, 2018

Girl of 11 gives birth in Murcia hospital

AN 11-YEAR-OLD girl admitted to hospital with 'stomach pains' has given birth at Murcia's La Arrixaca Hospital, having not realised she was pregnant. Medics say they tested the child upon arrival and found...

Society Thu, Nov 16, 2017

Murcia schoolgirl, 12, pregnant by boy of same age

A PREGNANT 12-year-old girl has been admitted to Murcia's Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital (pictured) – one of the youngest cases yet known in Spain. In accordance with usual procedures, medical staff have been in...

Society Wed, Mar 16, 2016

Incense-scented postage stamps for Easter launched

SPAIN'S post office has launched limited-edition stamps smelling of incense for Easter. This year, postage stamps pay tribute to Easter parades in the towns and cities of Cuenca, Tobarra, Sevilla and Lorca, in...

Society Tue, Feb 2, 2016

Zika virus diagnosed in Murcia

A FOURTH case of the tropical Zika virus has been detected in Spain – this time in the Murcia Region in a man who recently travelled to an affected country, which has not been disclosed. He was treated at the Rafael...

Society Wed, Apr 9, 2008

Man rescues elderly neighbour after gas blast

Nacho Ruiz risked his own life yesterday morning to rescue an elderly neighbour from a block of flats in central Murcia following a gas explosion in the kitchen of one of the other residents - a 40 year old man, who...

Society Fri, Oct 19, 2007

Norman Foster to design new loos for Murcia cabbies

Murcia council has announced that four new city centre lavatories for the exclusive use of taxi and bus drivers will be designed by the celebrated British architect, Norman Foster, who unveiled exciting plans for the re...