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Health/Beauty/Fashion news & information for Navarra region/province

One in three people of a 'normal weight' are obese and BMI readings 'are inaccurate'
Health & Beauty Sat, Feb 16, 2013

One in three people of a 'normal weight' are obese...

AT LEAST a third of people whose BMI index shows they are a normal weight are actually obese, according to a study by Navarra University hospital. The endocrinology and nutrition department has found that the commonly...

Legionnaire's outbreak claims ten more victims
Health & Beauty Wed, Jun 7, 2006

Legionnaire's outbreak claims ten more victims

The number of people affected by an outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease in Pamplona has risen to 132 after the emergence of ten new cases, slightly fewer than in previous days, indicating that the situation may now be...

Health & Beauty Tue, Jan 10, 2006

Gandia man arrested for smoking in no-smoking area

A 39-year-old man from Gandia, only identified by the initials M.E.C. was briefly detained yesterday by the Navarre Police in the town of Castejon. According to a statement from the Navarran Government, he was in a...

Health & Beauty Thu, Sep 2, 2004

Experts warn against self-medication

35 per cent of elderly people suffer from severe side effects from their medication, according to experts currently taking part in a health course organised by Navarra universities in Fitero. These experts warn of a...

Medical specialists on strike
Health & Beauty Mon, May 3, 2004

Medical specialists on strike

Various patients wait to be seen by the doctors carrying out the minimum services established in the Principe de Viana Speciality Centre in Pamplona. The hospital is holding the first of five planned 24-hour strikes...

Health & Beauty Fri, Apr 30, 2004

Woman from Navarra gives blood to help North American...

A young woman from Navarra has undertaken an operation for the extraction of red blood cells to donate them to a South American man. This donation method eliminates bone marrow extraction, and has been used twice in the...

Health & Beauty Fri, Mar 26, 2004

Watch out for dodgy shoes, warns expert

Orthopaedic Surgery specialist of Navarra University Clinic, Carlos Villas, today revealed that the use of inadequate footwear is one of the main factors behind the appearance of various foot injuries such as hallux...

Navarra University heads investigation into children's psychosis
Health & Beauty Thu, Feb 12, 2004

Navarra University heads investigation into children's...

Early diagnosis of psychotic episodes “could prevent the disease spreading and becoming difficult to cure”. This is the opinion of experts from the Universidad de Navarra Clinic, currently taking part in a research...

Health & Beauty Wed, Feb 4, 2004

Navarra University tries out new vaccine

The microbiology team of Navarra University is currently co-ordinating a European project investigating a new vaccination against , a flu-like disease transmitted through animal products, such as milk, cheese… The...

Minister for Health and Consumption visits Pamplona
Health & Beauty Mon, Dec 29, 2003

Minister for Health and Consumption visits Pamplona

The minister for Health and Consumption, Ana Pastor (in the centre), today visited Pamplona hospital Virgen del Camino and offered a press conference in which she outlined and answered questions on the current situation...

National Bioethics and Transplant Conference
Health & Beauty Wed, Nov 12, 2003

National Bioethics and Transplant Conference

Doctors María Jesús Calvo and Koldo Martínez held a press conference yesterday to present the 1st National Bioethics and Transplant Conference which will take place in Navarra 28th-29th November. The event is being...