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Legal & Finance news & information for Navarra region/province

Navarra legalises cannabis consumption
Legal & Finance Sun, Feb 21, 2016

Navarra legalises cannabis consumption

NAVARRA has become the first region in Spain to legalise cannabis consumption, putting the land-locked northern region on a par with the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. 'Cannabis clubs', where members can consume the...

'Loner' slashed wrists in Portuguese jail
Legal & Finance Fri, Sep 12, 2008

'Loner' slashed wrists in Portuguese jail

According to the convicted murderer's lawyer, Jaime Giménez Arbe, alias 'The Loner', is "very sorry" that he tried to end his life by slashing his wrists on August 26th in his cell at Monsantos high...

PNV director implicated in ETA extortion racket
Legal & Finance Sun, Jun 25, 2006

PNV director implicated in ETA extortion racket

Judge Fernando Grande Marleska (second photo) yesterday issued a summons for Gorka Aguirre (archive photo, left), the director of the Partido Nacionalista Vasco, to appear in his court on Tuesday regarding a possible...

Policeman who shot baker after Madrid bombing found guilty
Legal & Finance Tue, Jun 28, 2005

Policeman who shot baker after Madrid bombing found guilty

A jury at a Pamplona court made up of five men and four women arrived at guilty verdicts yesterday for Pilar Rubio Martínez (photo, left), her 45 year old husband Valeriano De la Peña (photo, centre), and their 19...

Legal & Finance Mon, May 31, 2004

Azkoyen shareholders demand information on alleged ETA...

A group of shareholders in Navarra-based company Azkoyen have announced they will demand information from the company committee on alleged payouts to ETA by company directors in 2001 to the tune of over 222.370 euros....

Legal & Finance Thu, Mar 25, 2004

32 years for domestic violence and rape of 15-year old...

Navarra High Court has sentenced José Javier B.G., from Cortes (Navarra), to 32 years and a half in prison for violence against his wife and his three children, one of whom he raped twice when she was 15 years old....

Legal & Finance Wed, Feb 25, 2004

Homosexual couple locked in legal battle over residence...

Barañáin resident Javier Azkona and his partner Marcio José de Freitas today denounced the situation of “discrimination and lack of support” they are in, as the latter, a Brazilian citizen, has been refused a...

Legal & Finance Mon, Feb 16, 2004

Lesbian couple achieve parenthood status

A jury has awarded custody of two twin girls to the partner of the biological mother. This decision obeys a regional law for live-in couples. In the words of the Sate Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and...

Legal & Finance Thu, Nov 20, 2003

Woman injured in fiestas set to receive compensation

A woman from Tudela will receive 4.000 euros compensation from El Burgo de Osma Town Hall (Soria) after she was trampled by a cabezudo carnival character in the local patron saint fiestas back in August 2001. Apparently...

Credit card for immigrants
Legal & Finance Wed, Nov 12, 2003

Credit card for immigrants

Professional sportsmen and women from the La Rioja region participated in the launch of the Caja Navarra bank "Cerca" credit card today. The new card is aimed at people of different nationalities who reside in...