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Education & Employment news & information for Pontevedra province

Head teachers in the dock for 'torturing' nine-year-old with behavioural problems
Education/Work Sat, Nov 24, 2012

Head teachers in the dock for 'torturing' nine-year...

A FORMER headmaster and deputy headmistress are to stand trial for allegedly 'torturing' a nine-year-old pupil. Among other inappropriate actions, they are said to have tied the child up in the headmaster's...

Education/Work Thu, Nov 6, 2008

Spaniards among shipwreck survivors

Five members of the crew of a Vigo-registered trawler, the 'José Almuiña', which flipped over this morning around 1,000 miles east of Bermuda, are still missing. The other six, including the three Spanish...

Six injured as metal workers' strike continues
Education/Work Mon, May 8, 2006

Six injured as metal workers' strike continues

A demonstration through the streets of Vigo today in support of striking metal workers degenerated into violent clashes with police officers in riot gear, leaving hundreds of rubbish containers overturned and in flames,...

Education/Work Thu, Dec 1, 2005

Pontevedra construction worker killed in fall

A 32 year old man from the village of Curro (Pontevedra) was killed in a building site accident yesterday morning in Pontevedra. It seems that the accident occurred at around 9.30am, when, for reasons unknown, the...

Vigo construction worker crushed by metal gangway
Education/Work Fri, May 27, 2005

Vigo construction worker crushed by metal gangway

A 53 year old man was killed when a metal gangway he and a colleague were trying to repair fell on top of him at a Citroen warehouse on the Balaídos industrial estate on the outskirts of Vigo. The 44 year old co-worker...

Three injured in Porriño chemical factory blast
Education/Work Fri, May 14, 2004

Three injured in Porriño chemical factory blast

Three workers were injured in an explosion at the Zelnova chemical facory in O Porriño yesterday morning. Two of the workers were treated for shock at the Povisa medical centre and allowed home. The third man, who...

Education/Work Tue, Feb 17, 2004

Parents and children in more Pontearas school protests

A group of seventy pupils from the Pedro de Agua institute in Pontearas locked themselves in the school early on Friday morning in a further protest at conditions in the school. They are fed up with unfulfilled promises...

Education/Work Mon, Dec 22, 2003

Parent teacher rooftop protest

Some of us are getting ready to go away this Christmas. Others are determined to spend it perched on the roof of their childrens´ school. This is the case for two parents in Ponteareas (Pontevedra) who are protesting...