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Legal & Finance news & information for Pontevedra province

'Owner of the sun' sues eBay for banning sale of 'land'
Legal & Finance Wed, Jun 10, 2015

'Owner of the sun' sues eBay for banning sale of...

A GALICIA woman who says she 'owns the sun' is taking auction site eBay to court - because they say she does not. Ángeles Durán sold plots of land on the sun in an online bid, snapping up thousands of euros...

Legal & Finance Wed, Nov 19, 2008

Seven years for trying to murder son

A woman who tried to kill herself and her young son has been sentenced to serve seven years in jail by a judge at Pontevedra court. The incident came to light on March 22nd this year after the woman failed to return her...

Legal & Finance Tue, Dec 11, 2007

Accused death crash fishermen released

Two Spanish sailors arrested in Mauritania last Friday after an alleged collision with a local fishing craft, were released without charge following a court appearance yesterday. The two Spanish fishermen from the...

Legal & Finance Fri, Jun 23, 2006

€720 fine for causing for six deaths

Pontevedra provincial court has fined the man responsible for causing one of the most serious traffic accidents in recent years just €720. The accident, which occurred in July 2002, was caused when Isidro Sendín...

Legal & Finance Tue, Jul 12, 2005

Jailed drug baron continues to receive Spanish dole

The man alleged to be the head of the "Los Caneos" clan and one of Europe´s leading cocaine traffickers, Daniel Baúlo, continues to receive unemployment benefit despite being held in custody in a Spanish jail....

Galician held in Egyptian jail for 16 years returns home
Legal & Finance Fri, Nov 12, 2004

Galician held in Egyptian jail for 16 years returns home

43 year old José Juan González (photo), who has been serving a 20 year sentence in a Cairo jail since being convicted of heroin smuggling in 1988, arrived back at Barajas airport (Madrid) at 6.30am this morning. Mr...

Legal & Finance Thu, Feb 12, 2004

Prosecutor calls for 4 year sentence for failure to...

A 68 year old man, Modesto Fandiño, who been serving a prison sentence for rape since 1999, is now facing a further four years behind bars for failing to pay his victim compensation, and maintenance for the baby girl...

Legal & Finance Fri, Feb 6, 2004

Charges for Vigo nightclub tanga pics on internet

The “Factory” nightclub in Vigo published on their website photographs of the Miss Tanga competition held in December. A teacher thought he recognised some of the underage girls when he caught students looking at...

Legal & Finance Fri, Jan 30, 2004

Prosecutor calls for longer sentence for child abuse priest

The state prosecutor in the appeal case of the Baredo priest who was sentenced to spend fifteen years behind bars after being found guilty of abusing six boys aged 14-15 years old in 2000, is calling for the priest´s...

Legal & Finance Thu, Jan 15, 2004

Women´s associations oppose legalised prostitution

Two women´s associations have condemned the sentence passed in Andalucía Supreme Tribunal this week which obliges a brothel owner to formalise contracts and pay social security for the prostitutes who work for him....

Legal & Finance Fri, Dec 12, 2003

Man jailed for 6 years for knocking down wife

Pontevedra court has sentenced Carlos Sanmartín, a doctor from Santiago de Compostela, to 6 years in jail for knocking down and killing his wife in July 2000. However, despite the fact that the prosecutor had asked for...