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Community/Public Services news & information for Tarragona province

This year's first baby arrives at 30 seconds past midnight
Society Tue, Jan 1, 2013

This year's first baby arrives at 30 seconds past...

THE first baby of 2013 was born in Tortosa (Tarragona) at 30 seconds past midnight on January 1 – pipping baby number two, David, at the post. Little Gerard is the first child of mum Montse Espinosa, 34, a laboratory...

Society Wed, Mar 29, 2006

Glitch forces closure of nuclear plant

The Vandellós II nuclear power plant was manually closed down during the early hours of this morning after a detached part was detected in the steam generator, although a source from Tarragona provincial council...

Nuclear power plant shuts down after shortcircuit
Society Sun, Oct 17, 2004

Nuclear power plant shuts down after shortcircuit

The Ascó II nuclear power reactor in Tarragona (photo) shut down automatically yesterday morning as a result of a shortcircuit in the main electricity distribution transformer. The Nuclear Safety Committee (CSN) were...

Society Fri, May 14, 2004

Only 10 per cent of domestic violence victims denounce...

Domestic violence is one of present day society’s worst plagues, but only 10 per cent of victims denounce their aggressors, according to Eugeni Salazar, president of the School of Psychologists of Cataluña (COPC)....

Society Mon, Apr 19, 2004

Construction of mosque completed

Construction of the new mosque in Reus is now finished, and should be inaugurated by the Muslim community over the next few days. The mosque is located at the south of the Dyna industrial estate, 300 metres from Jardins...

Reus Muslims bow to public pressure
Society Tue, Jan 20, 2004

Reus Muslims bow to public pressure

The Muslim Foundation of Reus (Baix Camp) have changed their minds about opening a mosque in the Carrilet district in the face of determined resistance from locals. Last night more than three hundred staged a silent and...

Society Wed, Jan 7, 2004

Clean that mess up!

Tarragona Town Hall has employed a group of private detectives to find and catch owners of dogs who don’t clean up after their animals, according to local sources. The detectives will visit various areas of the city...