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Community/Public Services news & information for Teruel province

Society Mon, Oct 4, 2004

50,000 protesters demand more investment in Teruel

Around 50,000 demonstrators staged a peaceful protest through the streets of Zaragoza yesterday to denounce the "critical situation" facing the city of Teruel and the urgent need for infrastuctural investment...

Society Sun, Feb 22, 2004

2.000 people demand freeway between Aragón and the...

Almost 2.000 people demonstrated today in Alcañiz (Teruel) demanding a freeway from the Valle del Ebro to the Mediterranean. The demonstration began at 12.00 hours in the Plaza de España by the town hall. ‘Los...

Society Fri, Sep 26, 2003

New wind power park for Teruel

The company ENDESA will activate in the next few weeks a new wind power park, of 9,24 megawatts of power and at a cost of 7,3 million euros, in the Sierra de Sant Just, in the Teruel town of Escucha. 14 generators will...