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Animals/Pets news & information for Toledo province

Plea to find stolen retired police dogs
Animals/Pets Wed, Jan 31, 2018

Plea to find stolen retired police dogs

AN ANIMAL charity is urging the public to help it find two retired police dogs who have been stolen. The Belgian Shepherds were taken from a foster home helping out the shelter ('Four-legged Heroes') in the...

Baby dies after mauling by family dog
Animals/Pets Mon, Jul 4, 2011

Baby dies after mauling by family dog

A 14-month-old baby died yesterday in the 'Virgen de la Salud' hospital in Toledo, from serious injuries caused by bites from a family dog. The incident occurred yesterday morning in a chalet in the Layos...

16 dogs and a pig rescued from breeding centre
Animals/Pets Thu, Jul 6, 2006

16 dogs and a pig rescued from breeding centre

Volunteers from the El Refugio NGO have rescued sixteen dogs and a Vietnamese pig from a so-called animal breeding centre located on the outskirts of the village of La Torre de Esteban Hambrán (Toledo), around 50km...

Animals/Pets Fri, Oct 28, 2005

`Mad cow´ traced to Toledo farm

A new case of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy has been traced to a herd of around twenty cows on a farm in the town of Torralba de Oropesa (Toledo). The disease was first detected by slaughterhouse veterinaries...

Animals/Pets Wed, Nov 3, 2004

`Animals in Action´ exhibition opens in Toledo

An exhibition of 53 action photos of native Castilla La Mancha animals in their natural habitat opened today in the main gallery of Toledo´s regional library. The images were taken by Albacete photographer, Antonio...

Animals/Pets Fri, May 21, 2004

Toboso chicken rustler and cable thief arrested

Guardia Civil have arrested a 35 year old Spanish man in the village of El Toboso suspected of stealing seven chickens and a drum of cable worth around €450. According to sources close to the investigation,...