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Community/Public Services news & information for Toledo province

Society Wed, May 19, 2004

Alcazar renovations force regional library closure

The Castilla La Mancha regional library was forced to close this morning and will close again on Saturday 22nd May as a result of renovation work being undertaken at Toledo´s Alcazar building. The museum was forced to...

Society Tue, May 11, 2004

Talavera locals have water cut off

As a result of work to improve the town´s water supply, residents of the area around the calle Mesones had their water supply cut off yesterday between 9am and 3pm during which time the streets will be closed to...

Society Wed, Apr 14, 2004

Troop replacment for AVE surveillance operation

The 400 troops who have spent the last thirteen days guarding the 300km of high speed AVE rail track which pass through the provinces of Córdoba, Ciudad Real and Toledo, have been relieved today. The soldiers were...

Army involved in AVE security operation
Society Wed, Apr 7, 2004

Army involved in AVE security operation

Around forty soldiers from the El Goloso tank batallion in Madrid, have been posted to the town of Villaseca de La Sagra to patrol the high speed AVE train lines. According to the town´s mayor, Jesús Hijosa, the Town...

Society Wed, Mar 24, 2004

José Bono to open new old people´s home in Toledo

The president of Castilla La Mancha, José Bono, will inaugurate the Santa María de Benquerencia old people´s home tomorrow in Toledo. The new centre, which has 120 permanent places as well as room for 30 day patients...

Regional President receives gold medal
Society Sat, Nov 8, 2003

Regional President receives gold medal

The President of Castilla La Mancha, José Bono, was awarded a gold medal today by FEAPS for his work in promoting the cause of the intellectualy impaired. The award was made during the opening session of the regional...