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Legal & Finance news and information for Spain

Legal & Finance Mon, Feb 12, 2018

Mobile App for filing tax returns launched

A NEW mobile phone App which allows members of the public, companies and sole traders to file their annual tax returns with one click is due for launch in a month's time. The App, created by the tax collection...

Legal & Finance Thu, Feb 1, 2018

Moroccan soldier's two widows each earn right to pension

SPAIN'S Supreme Court has allowed both wives of a bigamous Moroccan soldier to claim a widows' pension, despite multiple marriage being against Spanish law. The first wife of the deceased soldier, who fought for...

Legal & Finance Fri, Nov 24, 2017

Right to a bank account for everyone agreed in Spain

SPAIN'S government has passed a law giving everyone the right to have a bank account with at least the basic functions of being able to set up direct debits for bills, hold a debit card and make transfers. All...

Legal & Finance Thu, Oct 19, 2017

Aragón, Asturias and Andalucía campaigners fight...

THREE regional associations are fighting against inheritance and succession tax, and are planning on heading to Madrid and then to Brussels in their battle. Aragón Stop Sucesiones y Plusvalía and its counterparts in...

Legal & Finance Tue, Oct 3, 2017

ING and Bankia reach 'free cashpoint' deal

CUSTOMERS of ING bank can use Bankia cashpoints free of charge for withdrawals of €50 or more thanks to a new deal between the two entities. A commission of 85 cents will be charged by Bankia to ING, but this will not...

Legal & Finance Fri, Jul 28, 2017

Net household wealth up 8.5% in first quarter of 2017

NET household wealth in Spain has risen sharply in recent months, showing that the country's economic recovery is, slowly but surely, starting to filter down to the average resident. Figures published by the Bank of...

Legal & Finance Thu, Jul 6, 2017

Economy minister agrees to Ciudadanos' ultimatum on...

SPAIN'S economy minister Cristóbal Montoro has agreed to lower income tax next year in exchange for the opposition agreeing to his cap on public spending. Montoro (pictured left, next to vice-president Soraya...