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Local news and information for La Rioja region/province

Crime/Incidents Thu, Jan 26, 2017

Skier killed in accident at La Rioja resort

A 60-YEAR-OLD man has died in an accident at the Valdezcaray ski slopes in La Rioja, emergency services report. The victim, a local man – from Albelda de Iregua, in another part of the land-locked northern wine region...

Education/Work Sun, Jan 24, 2016

Altadis workers stage 4,000-strong protest over factory...

THOUSANDS of campaigners have joined a protest against the planned closure of the Altadis cigarette factory in Logroño, in the northern region of La Rioja. Hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs could go in an area with...

Culture Sat, Aug 15, 2015

Anonymous artist 'decorates' bins in northern village

A VILLAGE in La Rioja woke up one morning this week to find its 18 rubbish and recycling banks painted in abstract colours, shapes and pictures by an anonymous overnight artist. Photos of the bins have gone viral since...

Crime/Incidents Sun, Jul 26, 2015

Mobile phone sale scam warning

POLICE in Spain have warned of a series of fraudulent 'sales' of mobile phones via a website purporting to offer very competitive prices. So far, 16 'customers', or victims, have been traced across Spain...

Politics Mon, May 25, 2015

Villarroya's two-minute elections

The 2015 local elections lasted just two minutes in the little village of Villarroya in La Rioja. All nine of its registered voters had cast their votes by 9.02am, beating their 2011 record of seven minutes. "Before...

Crime/Incidents Sun, Dec 9, 2012

Spanish brothers jailed for smuggling three kilos of...

TWO Spanish brothers have been sentenced to four years and six months each in jail for attempting to smuggle 360,000 euros' worth of cocaine through London's Heathrow airport. Roberto and Jesús María Moreno...

Tech & Science Mon, Apr 30, 2012

25-million-year-old bird fossil found in La Rioja

A 25 million year old fossilised footprint (ichnite) found in Cenicero (La Rioja), dating back to the Miocene period, have allowed scientists to discover a hitherto unknown species of bird, belonging to the crane family...